App Builder Wizard


Create your mobile App using content from your Facebook Page in just a few simple steps.

The Facebook Wizard

1. Enter your Facebook Page name and select it from the list. 

We will use content from your Page to generate your business contact information, address, opening times and a selection of photos.

Please note: If your Facebook page includes your website URL, we will use this to grab colour schemes from your website and Step 3 (mentioned later on in this article) will be skipped.

However, if you don't have a Facebook Page, or don't want to use it, skip this step to choose from the list of templates.


2. Select a Template based on what you want your app to do


Select Continue once you're happy with the selected template.

3. Grab colour schemes from your website by entering your website URL. 

This will generate 4 colour scheme sets that you can choose or edit manually.



4. Create an account to save your app and start editing content



5. Your App is now set up and ready for you to customise!

Click Get Started to start editing your design and adding your content.