QR Codes

Users can download your App or go to a web-based preview of your App by scanning a QR Code with a Preview App or a QR code scanner. 

Under the Marketing section on the lefthand sidebar, you will find the free App Marketing features, including your App download QR Code.

Download the QR code so you can print it out and put it up in and around your business, or add it to your website, blog, email signature etc to promote your App!

You can choose what size you would like the QR code and download it by clicking the Download button.

If you would like to include your QR Code in your source code, copy and paste the HTML.

To ensure the QR Code directs to the App store download pages, enter the Marketplace Links in the relevant boxes.

What you should know about QR Codes

  1. Make sure it's clearly visible 
    Whether you have a physical store or you are online, put your QR Code somewhere it can be easily seen by customers, such as near the till, on the shop window or on the homepage of your website.
  2. Promote your QR Code everywhere
    Include your QR Code on promotional flyers, business cards, posters and leaflets; anywhere you can reach current or potential customers.
  3. Social Sharing
    Share your new App on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and anywhere else your business has a social presence. Don't forget to ask your followers to share!
  4. Incentivise App Downloads
    Make it clear how customers will benefit from downloading your App by telling them about any exclusive rewards or offers.