QR Codes

QR codes are a great way to promote your app to customers and get more downloads. They can be used on your website, business card, shop front or on flyers.

To download your QR code, log in to your App Builder account, select your app from the dashboard and go to:

Marketing > QR Codes

From here you can download your unique QR code. Simply choose what size you'd like and click 'Download Image'. The image will download as a .PNG file and can be used in your marketing materials. 


You can also choose what size you would like the QR code or copy the HTML code to embed on your website.


Google Play and Apple App Store Links

If you have a Google Play Store or Apple App Store app, you can enter your store links in the space provided. This will automatically redirect mobile visitors to the correct App Store depending on their smartphone device. E.G. iPhone users will be redirected to the Apple App Store and Android users will be taken to the Google Play Store.



What you should know about QR Codes

  1. Make sure it's clearly visible 
    Whether you have a physical store or you are online, put your QR Code somewhere it can be easily seen by customers, such as near the till, on the shop window or on the homepage of your website.
  2. Promote your QR Code everywhere
    Include your QR Code on promotional flyers, business cards, posters and leaflets; anywhere you can reach current or potential customers.
  3. Social Sharing
    Share your new App on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and anywhere else your business has a social presence. Don't forget to ask your followers to share!
  4. Incentivise App Downloads
    Make it clear how customers will benefit from downloading your App by telling them about any exclusive rewards or offers.