The Quiz Tab allows you to create a multiple choice quiz in your App.

The Quiz feature provides you with 2 tabs:

  1. Quiz - allows users to take part in your App's quiz
  2. Quiz History - After completing quizzes, the results will be shown in the Quiz History Tab.

In the Manage Tabs section, under the "User Interaction" category, you can find the Quiz feature.

Creating Quizzes

Create your first quiz by selecting “Add Question”.

Enter the question into the box, and provide your answers. If necessary, give an explanation.

Don't forget to select the correct answer by clicking the red "X" to switch it to a green tick.

Rename your group of questions and continue adding questions until your quiz is complete.

To create a new group of questions, click the + button and repeat the same process, adding questions, giving multiple answers and selecting the correct one.

Edit questions by clicking the “edit” button and delete them by clicking the “delete” button.

To delete a group of questions, select "Remove Group".

To create a completely new Quiz tab, to go the Manage Tabs section, find the Quiz Tab under "User Interaction", give it a name and repeat the same process.

The Quiz History Tab allows users to access their quiz history.