GEO Listings

Feature content such as properties, vehicles, businesses, jobs and more, in a define category structure.

Listings can be GEO-tagged to allow App users to find nearby matches.

You can find the GEO Listings feature in the Manage Tabs section under the "User Interaction" category.

Display Types

Listing categories can be displayed in 2 ways:

  • As icons in a grid layout. For this display type, use the Directory Tab.
  • As a scrollable list. For this display, use the Directory List Tab.

Drag and drop your preferred listing type into the App to activate it.

Hover over the Tab Menu to edit your content.

If you’re using the icon directory, select "Icon Settings" to resize the icons and change the number of columns or rows.


If you’re using the List option, edit the settings here, such as filter location options and enabling user reviews and uploading a Lower Graphic image.


Creating Categories

Start by creating all of your main categories.

Click the "+ Add Category" button, enter the name and then Save.

To create Child Categories within main categories, select "Add Child Category", enter the name and click Save.

Adding Listings

To add listings to each category, select "Manage Listings".

Click the "Add Listing" button and choose the type from the dropdown

Listing types include:

  • Property Listing: Includes property name, icon, descriptions, address, no. of bedrooms, the ability to upload a PDF
  • Business Listing: Includes all business information: name, address, description, contact details
  • Vehicle Listing: Includes vehicle type, icon, description, vehicle spec, price and the ability to upload the vehicle details in a PDF
  • Business Product: This is the services a business offers. Includes business name, description, address, price for services, phone number, website and email address
  • Job Listing: Includes job title, job description, location, salary (price), the ability to upload a Job Spec PDF
  • Event Listing: Includes event name, description, location, phone number, website and email address.

Some listing types have additional options:

  • Location Events/Booking: Create a unique events calendar for that specific listings so a user can see what events are taking place and book them directly in the App
  • Location Form: Create a unique form for that specific listing, such as registration, enquiry or booking forms.
  • Location Gallery: Include a gallery of images of that specific business or listing
  • Upload Voucher Image: Include a voucher for that specific listing.

Each listing type has different fields to fill in, so enter the necessary information where required.


Activate the Favourites tab to allow users to add their favourite listing to a separate Favourites page. This allows them to quickly find them later.


The Directory Search tab (simply, another Forms Tab) enables users to search for listings by keyword, category or distance.

The GEO Directory Template will provide you with a preset Form for search.