App Navigation Type


Choose your App Navigation type in the Content & Settings section.

The Tab Bar option will display your Tabs at the bottom of the page.

The Side Menu will slide in and out from the side when you click on the menu icon.

Switch to the Preview mode to view your App with the selected navigation type.

Depending on which navigation type you select, you will be presented with a variety of customisation options. For Tab Bar, you can change both your level of transparency and the presence of icon labels.


For Side Menu you have a few more options. In addition to transparency and icon labels, you can edit the width of the menu, apply odd even styling (alternating colour shades), and toggle separator lines or edit their colour. Transparency is limited to 30% for Side Menu navigation, in order to prevent make both the menu and any text beneath it difficult to read.

To preview your settings, simply click 'Save' and switch to preview mode.