Content pages allow you to copy and paste web content, or create it from scratch.

Upload your images, embed YouTube videos and create limitless pages of content within your App.

In the Manage Tabs section, under "Basics", you will find the Content Tab. You can add as many of these as you like.

Our simple editor lets you easily create rich content pages without any technical skills.

An advanced option is also provided if you want to write your own HTML.

Use the tools available to edit the font, text size and colours.


Add images by clicking on the Image icon on the toolbar and selecting it from the Available Photos or uploading one from your desktop.


To add YouTube videos, select the YouTube icon and search for the video or enter the YouTube Video ID. 



Add audio files by clicking on the Insert Audio button and uploading an audio file from your desktop. Audio files must be mp3.


Create a Social Share button with a Message for emails, Facebook and Twitter. This will only work if you have the Facebook and Twitter Tabs active in your App.



And add Tab Link buttons to link to specific pages in your App. Click on the "Tab Link" button, choose the Tab you want to link to from the dropdown menu and click "Done".



Add a background image from your Image Library or just choose a background colour.



You can write your own HTML for this page, just choose the HTML button from the editor toolbar.