Create forms to allow users to request information, register, send information and much more.

In the Manage Tabs section, under the "User Interaction" category, you will find the Forms Tab.

You can create as many Forms as you like, simply add a new Forms Tab each time.

Preset Forms

There are preset forms for:

  • User Registration
  • Sending Pictures
  • Giving Feedback.

Load a preset Form one of these by selecting it and editing where necessary.

Custom Forms 

Create a custom form by choosing a required field from the New Field dropdown menu and click "+ Add"

Fields include:

  • Text Input: Use for capturing a Name. Provides a small text box and the text will not be wrapped.
  • Number Input: To capture a telephone number using the user's number keyboard when selected.
  • Textarea: Use this field if a larger area is required for text input. The user will be able to scroll through their text.
  • HTML Content: This will add a HTML field that you can use anywhere in your form. Use this to add information about the forms, including text and images.
  • Image: Allowing the user to take a photo or upload a one to the form.
  • Sketch: Allows the user to sketch their content using the touch screen device, useful for capturing signatures.
  • Password: When the user types in this field the text will become obscured whilst they enter it. You will be able to see this text when you receive the form through the Customer Management.
  • Address: This field will allow the user to search for their address by either entering their postcode or by using the current location finder.
  • Slider: Add a sliding value choice. This is useful for feedback ratings. Set a minimum, maximum and default amount.
  • Selection Box: Shows as a drop down selection and the user can only choose one option from the list.
  • Checkbox Group: Allows the user to select more than one answer. You cannot add a maximum selection amount.
  • Radio Group: This field will display the options in the same way as the Checkbox Group, but will only allow the user to select one answer.
  • Date Group: This opens a date-picker so the user can select a date, choosing the day, month and year.
  • Subform: This will add a subform to the current form.
  • Email Button: Use this button to send the form to the email address in Global Settings only, not including the Customer Management.
  • Submit Button: Use this button to send forms to the Customer Management as well as the email address in Global Settings.

Edit the name of each field and continue to add your fields.

The “Date Group” field will allow the user to select a specific date for an appointment or booking.

Simply change the name of the field and enter a date, month and year format.

If you require a certain field to be filled in, tick the box beside each one.

Don’t forget to add a “Submit” button so users can submit their forms to you.

Manage your form submission Response Message, and save your Form once complete.

To add another form, simply add another Forms Tab from the Manage Tabs section.

To edit existing forms, hover over the Tab Menu and choose Edit Content or Tab Settings. To delete forms, hover over the Tab Menu and select Remove from App.