Food Ordering



1. Menu Tab - Creating Your Menu Items

2. Cart Tab

3. Account Tab



This Food Ordering feature will let customers access your full menu and order food in your App.

The Food Ordering Tab will add 3 new Tabs:

  1. Menu
  2. Cart
  3. Account


You will find the Food Ordering feature in the Manage Tabs section under the "Monetisation" category.

1. Menu Tab


The Menu tab is used to show your food menu, with full categories and food items.


Using a CSV file


Did you know there is a quick and easy way to upload your menu?

All you need to do is input your items into our spreadsheet, which you can download here. Open up the file in excel, google sheets or similar spreadsheet software.

The spreadsheet should look like this:


Remove our example data, and add your own. Subcategory and location are both optional inputs.

​Make sure you do not delete the categories which are listed at the top of each column. (Category, subcategory, name, price, description, image)

You can add images to this, however, the image must be hosted online somewhere. Input the direct links to your images in the relevant cell. If your images are not online anywhere, don't worry. You can upload them manually once we've uploaded this sheet.


Manually adding your Menu


To manually add your menu items, you will first need to create your Categories and Subcategories.

Use the small green “+” button next to the Category dropdown. Enter the Category name and click “OK” to add. Do the same for the Subcategories if you want to include them.

Add each menu item by choosing the category, and subcategory if necessary and adding a name, price, description and choosing an image from your Image Library or uploading one from your desktop.

Add Options

Options can be made compulsory and you are able to give your user the option to add more than one choice. You can also set a minimum and maximum for choice, all with individual prices if necessary.

Select the “+ Add option” button.

Enter the name for this set of options and click “OK” to add it.

Add choices within this option by clicking Edit.


If you would like there to be a fixed price for multiple options, select the “Fixed” checkbox and enter your desired price.

If you want to charge extra per choice, leave the “Per choice” box selected. This will allow you to add a price per item.

You then need to enter your Selection Limits, such as the minimum and the maximum number of selections. This means the user must have selected at least the minimum and cannot select more than the maximum. Leave the section blank for unlimited selection.

Add your choices individually, enter the price per choice then click “+Add Choice”.

Once you’ve added all of your choices, click “Save Changes” to add these options to your menu item.

After editing any item, make sure you click “+ Save Item” before editing your menu any further and some changes may not save.

Repeat this process add the rest of your menu.



2. Cart Tab


When food items are added to an order, they will be summarised in the Cart Tab.


Within the Cart Tab, you can control all of the order fulfilment, including the delivery information, loyalty, and special offers.


Order Fulfilment


Here you can:

  • Choose whether you would like to reject orders placed outside of the opening times
  • Select from delivery, collection and table service options depending on which of these your restaurant offers
  • Enter the delivery time
  • Set Accept/Reject settings
  • Specify all postcodes that your restaurant will deliver to
  • Choose whether you would like to send an order confirmation to customers
  • Provide customers with a Collection Discount. To do this, ensure that “collection discount” is selected and enter the discount % into the Collection Discount box
  • Add a delivery cost by selecting the associated checkbox. You will then be able to enter a delivery cost and price that will receive free delivery
  • You are able to add an additional percentage to the customers overall fee when paying by PayPal as PayPal will charge a small % of the total sale.
  • You are also able to add Postcode Overrides. This means you can set different delivery costs for specific postcodes. To do this, click “Add Override”. Enter the first postcode and then an amount for “Delivery Cost” and and "Free delivery for orders over". If either of these fields are left blank then the default charge will be used. If you would like to remove an override, simply click "Remove".





Credit Card Payment Gateway

In order to accept payments through your App via the Food Ordering Tab, you will need to set up your Credit Card Payment Gateway. 

1. Click on the 'Payments' section to complete your Credit Card Payment Gateway information.

2. From here you can select your preferred Payment Gateway from the drop-down menu and enter your account information.

3. Click 'Save' to keep your settings.



If you would like to receive payments via PayPal, you will need to follow our PayPal mobile payments setup guide and then enter your PayPal API details. [Learn More]

You don’t need to have a PayPal account to make this payment you can bypass login and pay directly using a card


If you would like to allow Cash on Delivery or Pay by Phone, select the relevant box/s.

Please note: If you do not enter PayPal details you will have to allow cash on delivery as the main method of payment.




If you would like your customers to receive a Loyalty bonus on each order, enter the % of the Total Order Price they will enter in the "Loyalty" field.

You can also enter a minimum spend amount the customer has to spend to earn loyalty.


Special Offers


You can add, edit or remove special offers as you please.

To add a Special Offer, choose whether you would like it to be a percentage or a fixed amount, select the appropriate field and enter you amount in to the text box.

To remove the Special Offer, select "No Discount".

To provide your customers with a First Order Discount, choose either a Percentage or Fixed amount and enter the amount into the text box. 




if your business has more than one location, then you can add this information here. This will allow the option to have menu items specific to certain locations.

Enter the Location Name, the Alert Email that orders will be sent to and also the Alert SMS, then click "Add".

You can edit previously added locations by clicking in one of the text fields and remove a location by clicking the red "X" button on the right hand side.


Response Messages


Create your own Collection Success and Delivery Success messages that customers will receive on their phones when their order has been collected or delivered successfully.

Notification Information


Select whether you would like the Subcategory to be shown in the order email.

Once you are satisfied that you have completed filling in all of the information in the Cart Tab, click Save.

3. Account Tab


When editing, the Account tab will contain the same information as the Cart.

When a customer is using the App, the Account tab is where they will see their Account Details, Order History and Loyalty Information.

  • Details is where they will either create their account, login to an existing account or edit their details.
  • History is where the customer will be able to view their previous orders.
  • Loyalty shows the customer the amount of Loyalty they have earned and gives them the option to redeem it.