External Links

The External Links Tab allows you to link external web URLs or upload files into your App.

In the Manage Tabs section, under "Basics", you will find the External Links Tab. You can add as many of these Tabs as you like.

Managing Tab

There are two steps for managing and editing your Tab. When you hover over the Tab Menu, you are given two options, Edit Content and Tab Settings.

Edit Content - Allows you to add and edit the Tab's content.

Tab Settings - Allows you to manage the Tab Title and App Icon.

Editing Content

If you want to add a Tab that links to your website or blog, simply enter the URL into the box, change the name and icon of the Tab and click Save.

You can also upload files into your App, such as PDF documents and images.

To upload either of these file types, click "Upload File", find it on your local desktop, click "Open", then "Save".

Drag and Tab to where you want it in the App and drop.

To edit the Tab, hover over the Tab Menu and select the section you wish to edit.

To delete it, select Remove from App. This will move it to the Inactive Tabs section.

To delete it completely, hover over the Tab Menu, select Delete and confirm.