Global Settings


1. Action Alerts

When an App user completes an action within the App, such as submitting a form or placing an order, the App admin can be notified by email.

Enter an email address to receive email notifications to that email. You can also receive a text message notification alerting you that an action has been made.

Please contact our support team for more information regarding the Printer Setup.


2. Currency Format

If using the Food Ordering or Product Shopping modules, you can set the currency for the App using the Currency Symbol dropdown menu. You can also edit the currency format is necessary.


3. Location Settings

Set the Country and Timezone Region for the App. This setting affects time-reliant functions for the App such as schedule Push Notifications.


4. In-App Ads

Monetise your App with Ads from AdMob. Click Sign up to AdMob and complete their set up process then submit your AdMob Unit ID here. You can then display ads within your Tab pages.

To get your AdMob Unit ID, follow these steps:

1. When on the 'Monetise a new app' section select 'Add your app manually’


2. Type the app name and select iOS as platform


3. Click 'Add App’


4. When on 'Select ad format and name ad unit' select ‘Banner’


5. Set the 'Ad unit name' as 'Bottom App Banner’


6. Click ‘Save'


7. Click 'Skip' for the 'Firebase Analytics’ section


8. On the 'View set-up instructions' you should now see an 'Ad unit ID'

5. Twitter API

Follow our Twitter Setup Guide » to retrieve these details. This feature works in the same way as the Facebook API section. Doing this will personalise the sharing functionality.