Adding Content


Each app template is pre-loaded with a selection of tabs that are designed to support your business. Go through each tab and customise the content and personalise your app to your own business. 


You can also add more tabs to customise your app even further:


1. Simply click the "+ Add Tabs" button in the top right corner. 

This will bring up the Manage Tabs section. Here you will find all of the available Tab features. Tabs are organised by category for simple searching but you can view them by "All".



2. To add a Tab, click "+ Add to App". 


There are two steps to editing a Tab, Tab Settings and Edit Content.


3. The Tab Settings section is the first step. Tab Settings include:

  • Tab Title
  • Tab Icon
  • Background - Background image or colour of the main content area.
  • Restrict Access - If you require users to register and login to access this tab.




4. Click Continue to move onto Edit Content. Here you can manage and edit the Tab's content. Remember to click Save once you have finished editing.


To edit any Tab, hover over the Tab Menu and click the desired option from the list.

The Tab Menu includes the following options:

  • Manage Tab List - This only appears if the Tab is a Tier Tab
  • Edit Content - Here you can edit the Content of that Tab
  • Tab Settings - Edit the Tab title, Icon, etc
  • Clone Tab - Make a copy of the Tab (only available for selected Tabs)
  • Remove from App - To delete the Tab from the App



 Switch between the Edit Content and Tab Editor section using the icon in the bottom left corner of the editor. 

Some tabs can be cloned by hovering over the Tab Menu and selecting Clone. Tabs that can be cloned are:

  • External URL
  • HTML Content
  • RSS Feed
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Audio Streaming
  • Gallery
  • Loyalty Points
  • Loyalty Card
  • Coupons
  • Quiz
  • Booking
  • Form

Cloned Tabs will appear underneath the original Tab. You can then drag and crop it to where you want and edit the title by hovering over the Tab Menu and selecting Tab Settings.